Month: January 2017

Casino Department of the cage

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The casino cage can be described as the nerve center for casino operations, since all financial transactions are eventually filtered through this department. Also, perhaps more than any department in the casino, the cage must adhere to the currency transaction reporting to the requirements dictated the bank’s secrecy act. Those responsible for the change of the cage work the three changes and control internal operational procedures. The most visible person to the general public is the cashier of the cage, which sells chips and casino symbol to the casino guests, redeems the chips for currency, charges the traveler and personal checks and money orders, and sometimes, the sales coin and receive coin from slot players. The tellers have control over the security deposit boxes and rent these to the players for the deposit of valuables. These employees frequently handle all types of guest questions, ranging from casino procedures to restaurant locations. Each casino maintains a main bank for the casino bankroll, and a bank main ATM serves as a cashier to provide the cage and other cash distribution of the currency fills, and accepts the incoming cash that will be stored in the bank. vault of the casino and eventually deposited in the…

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