Roulette slang for each one

Do not leave the expertise of the roulette language to experts. After all, the roulette slang is very easy to remember. She is some roulette lingo that can help you gain confidence in talking roulette:

Parlay – a betting strategy in which the roulette player doubles the amount of his bet for the next spin after winning in the previous one.

Passe – high bet in French. This is a bet that the next winning number belongs to high numbers that are 9-16.

Beyond fixing – a cheating bedroom in roulette. The actuator adds more chips to your bet after the result has already been called. Usually done if the bet of that actuator had won, and he wishes to illegally increase his winnings. The casinos are very aware of this movement, so do not seek beyond fixing, unless you want to land in some jail and be humiliated.

Patience system – strategy of a roulette player in which he does not bet on every return. Instead, he expects what he thinks is the right moment for him to bet.

PC – the advantage of the casino over the players expressed in terms of percentage.

Penny Ante – a game of roulette played with small bets for small prices. This is played those who have little bankroll, or those who just want to play longer games.

Sejection – another form of deception in roulette. This is the opposite of the last fixation. Instead of adding more chips to your bet after the result has been called, the actuator takes your setup chips. This is done when the bet of that lost player, so he takes his chips to avoid losing them.

Pit – a region in the casino where certain table games are put together. A hole can be exclusive for poker tables only, or for roulette tables only, or a mix of different table games that the casino has to offer.

Player-record – observing players in a casino to determine which ones they are winning. This is very useful if you want to mimic your movements.

Positive progression – a strategy of betting on roulette where each time you win, you increase the amount of bet on the next spin. It is called positive progression because the increase is based on a previous positive result.

Feather Energy – This is the power to give gifts to certain players exercised casino managers.

Top players – in casinos, these are the players who bet in huge amounts. There are many of the top players that are in roulette.

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